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Well and Pump Services in Oakbank and Surrounding Areas

Maple Leaf Water Service Inc., offers well and pump services in Oakbank and surrounding areas. Our services are ideal for residential and commercial clients. Whether you need service for an urban home, farm, or golf course, we have the experience, training, and equipment to keep your water flowing. From water treatment to well rehab, we can do it for you.

We Provide the Following Services:

At Maple Leaf Water Service Inc., we are highly experienced in dealing with residential and commercial water systems throughout remote areas in Manitoba. You can count on us for the below services:

Well Services

 Well pump replacement, repair, and cleaning
 Well sealing
 Well chlorination
  Well hookup

Water wells should be regularly cleaned and maintained so that the water flow is adequate and the water is safe to drink. Maple Leaf Water Service Inc. offers well chlorination, sealing, and cleaning services to make sure that you get clean water for consumption. You can also approach us for pump replacements and repair, well hookup, and wells for new houses. We work for a lot of builders and businesses for well hookup as well.

Our Pump Services

 In-shop pump repair
 Pump installation
  Underground repair

We can repair different kinds of well pumps. Be it an underground pump or a jet pump, we can maintain them, and ensure a steady flow of water. We try our best to get your system flowing again, as soon as possible, by taking care of the pressure tanks, foot valves, and other pump parts. You can also rely on us for pump installation services too.

Water Treatment Services Include:

Whether you’re getting water supply from a town water system or from a well, our technicians can design a system to meet your water supply needs. Customers can depend on us for the following services and products pertaining to water treatment:

Water softeners
Osmosis treatment
Installation and repair of water softeners and iron filters
Well rehabilitation and chlorination
Iron filters
Water system inspection
Reverse osmosis treatment
Water filtration

Pressure Tanks

Water well pressure tanks are used to minimize the wear and tear on your water pump as well as to increase the efficiency of the well system. A pressure tank is comparatively more cost effective than a pump as it uses less power. If you have any issues regarding your pressure tanks, please get in touch with us.

Septic Systems

Well inspections
Septic tank inspections

Septic tanks need to be inspected regularly. This ensures that there is no leakage from the pipes and the tanks, and no unhygienic conditions are created. If you want an inspection of your septic tanks to be carried out, call us today.

Equipment and Brands

Maple Leaf Water Service Inc. has a variety of equipment to get the job done right; we have the heavy-duty equipment to handle even the toughest jobs. We use compressors, water tanks, excavators, and service vans for all our services to be carried out promptly and efficiently. Our high-capacity air compressors are used to clean lime scale and mineral deposits from older wells, improving the quality of your water and restoring the health of your well.

We use some of the best, most reliable brands in the market. We know you need a water supply you can count on, and these world-renowned suppliers deliver on their promises. Honouring all manufacturers’ warranties, we offer products from the following brands:

Contact Maple Leaf Water Service Inc., for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Well Pump Services

At Maple Leaf Water Service Inc., we offer a wide range of services for your water well.

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